A new requirement for websites – Voice search optimization

A new requirement for websites – Voice search optimization

A new requirement for websites – Voice search optimization

Search engine optimization is a pivotal focus of every website online. With the advent of new wearable gadgets and voice processed inputs, search engine optimization is no more limited to just textual searches. Voice search is currently the trending search pattern with users. Hence, the need to make websites voice search optimized is a critical concern to  every online business. Let us take a look at methods that can help you make your website voice search optimized.

 Voice search optimization techniques

Every small and large scale business, that plan to establish their prominence over the internet, must focus on making their website voice search optimized. The feature of speaking into the phone, and allowing the AI to browse for searches accordingly, is too comfortable a feature, to be ignored. Hence, rest assured, with every passing day, more and more users are going to opt voice search over a textual search. Thus, if you continue to focus on the traditional techniques of SEO, your business will lose its edge. It is high time for you to shift your focus on the voice search paradigm, and take necessary steps impromptu.

A conversational tone

The most notable feature of any voice search, is its tone. In terms of basic human psychology, when we write, we maintain a formal rigid tone, using compact sentences. However, speaking is about the flow of our thoughts. Hence, voice searches naturally, tend towards being directly conversational, using longer sentences. Users consider the search engine to be a physical entity, and pose direct questions towards it.

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Your website needs to capitalize on this feature of voice search. Questions starting with which, when, how, what, where and such are very common with voice searches. When you address a topic in your content, include relevant questions directly, and equally answer those questions. Additionally, use conversational sentences and colloquial phrases and words, throughout your content, to keep it more relevant with the search. Keep a track of your customers mind set and match it up with long-tail keywords.

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Focus on local content

Voice searches are most  handy on the go on mobile devices. Which also means that voice searches are directed more towards local searches. For, e.g, getting information of products or services around the users location. For such reasons, it is found, that a major chunk of voice searches are related to local content.

Keeping this characteristic in mind, if you wish to make your business website voice search optimized, include more of local content that fall relevant to your product. Use phrases that are more prevalent in the neighborhood, use tags such as “near me,” include local landmarks and names of local institutions related to your business.

Structured data and google listing

Finally two major essentials, for voice search optimization, are structured data and google listing. A typical requirement of users with voice searches, are prompt results. Being on the go, users have little time to go thoroughly through extensive contents. This is precisely where structured data and google listings will help.

With structured data, you provide meta-data about your business; a more like summarization of your entire business. For, e.g, data about, price range, audience review, catalogue, distance, business timings and such. Google business listing, is when you share your business information with google. This will help your users quickly spot your business on Google maps and view all relevant information.

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Regardless, best of luck out there, and if this all seems like it’s a bit much, you can always contact BRTech and one of our SEO experts can handle this all for you. Happy optimizing!

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