7 Biggest Web Development Challenges you can’t ignore in 2023

As a result of digitalization web application development has become vital for almost all businesses. Today, businesses need to overcome various challenges during the process of web application development. Technological advancement is no more occasional but regular and as a result the challenges that web application developers have to face are many. The application developers can be successful in their task to create new and effective web apps if and only if they have the best strategy to face and overcome these challenges. Each web application should grow with the business and for that the applications must be easy to maintain, fast and secure. Success of the application development process depends on how effectively  the common challenges in web development are addressed.

In this blog the 7 major web development challenges are discussed in detail. The majority of Web developers consider these 7 challengers as very significant and concentrate more on overcoming these challenges.

1. Speed

The web developer need to ensure that the speed of the web is not compromised as a result of improving its efficiency. Maintaining maximum speed is a real challenge to the developers. Clients will not be happy with the app development in case they find that the website functions go slow because of the new application.

While maintaining the speed of the website, the developer is expected to complete the application development process also quickly. They have to complete the task within the limited time provided by the client. Web developers who are fast in delivering their solutions are of great demand. Web developers can considerably reduce the time for app development by way of entrusting the task with a team of experienced developers, making use of the most advanced software tools that help the developers to function more efficiently, eliminating coding wherever possible, adding custom code and using low-code tools that create templates and components that are pre-tested and thereby save time required for testing.

2. Cyber Security

Web developers have the great responsibility to ensure safety of their data and client’s data. Protection of data from hacking and misuse is vital. Many applications are used in day-to-day life and personal data may have to be shared. This may lead to exploitation of data and hence the app developer has to ensure 100% protection of all vulnerable data. All web development service providers are required to take all necessary steps to ensure data security and privacy. There should be no failure in conducting strict security audit, adopting the most effective security measures, obtaining SSL certification and using all updated software that is safe also. Though these steps may make the process more complicated, it will help the application developers to provide the most trusted and reliable service to their clients.

3. Ensure client-satisfaction by developing applications according to client’s expectations

Developers have to create applications that assure the best user experience. The various features of the application should not compromise on simplicity. In order to ensure client-satisfaction, it is very crucial for the app developer to talk with the actual user prior to building the application. This will enable him to start the app development process from the actual user’s perspective so as to ensure an exciting user experience. The app developer must have clear ideas regarding the ultimate goal of his client and how he will be using the app. Providing the best user experience must be the goal of the app developer and to achieve the goal the developer must be in touch with the user throughout the project.

4. Integrate diverse systems with diverse business functions

All business applications are getting more diversified and in year 2023, one among the key challenges in front of app developers will be to create web applications that easily integrate with all other applications. Unlike those in the past, the present day business applications are highly diversified. The client may host his website on the cloud, he may be using in-house BI tools or being a progressive business the client may be having a SaaS-based CRM system. This will create a great challenge to the app developer. Creating a feature-rich application is not going to be his only task but, the application that he creates should integrate with all other applications. The actual task in front of the Web Developer will be to integrate different systems with different business functions and deliver the applications on time within the budget of the client.

5. Create applications that cater to current and future needs of the users

While creating the web application the developer must ensure that the app that he creates will not go obsolete in 2 – 3 years. Nobody knows what is going to happen in future. However, the app developer has to develop the app that will meet the current and future requirements of the user. This is indeed a great challenge in front of the web developers.

The following tips are very useful for creating web applications that are future-proof:

1. Never shift to a new technology or tool unless its efficacy and suitability are proved beyond doubt.

2. Adhere to n-Tier approach to app development so that the application will be separated to different layers and thereby facilitate enhancement of each layer separately.

3. Web developers must be growth-oriented. Apart from meeting the current requirements of the client, the developer should provide the provision to support more number of users than expected if required. Also, the app must be built in such a way that it allows the user to switch the database or server whenever required. When the website attracts more traffic, there will be more number of visitors at a time. A single server will not be sufficient to manage all the load. Hence, instead of designing a software for a single server, the web developer has to ensure that the software works on multiple servers. This approach will enable the web developers to improve their scalability.

6. Web developing companies must have the right team of developers who possess ever-increasing and ever-changing skillset.

Evolution of web developing is very fast as new standards and new developments continue to occur. This field is becoming more and more complex. Hence, for the developers, ever-increasing and ever-changing skillset is quite essential.

Here are two widely used solutions to the problem of bridging the skills gap without hiring more number of new developers.

(i) Adoption of Development Tools

The existing team of web developers can acquire the modern skills with the help of Development Tools.

(ii) Online training for the developers

The web development company may either arrange online training classes for the Developers or encourage them to attend any one of the online training programs meant for web developers.

7. Web Developing service must have standard development process

A standard approach for web development will be very essential for web development in the coming days. Every developer in the team must have the same approach and must work in the same way so that the process can be understood easily and can be predicted correctly. A standard approach will ensure consistency and maintenance will be easy and less time consuming. The development strategy of the team must fall in line with the actual requirements, aims and priorities of the users.


We are now living in a world that is being digitalized at a stunning speed. Every year more number of businesses go online. As a result web development and web application development are vital requirements of businesses the world over. The modern web development process must ensure creation of fast and secured websites with efficient and secured applications within days or even within hours. The applications must be growth-oriented and also easy to maintain. Web development services that perfectly address the above common challenges can ultimately ensure 100% client satisfaction.

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